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ūüíź Buttery Lobster Tail

How to Prepare Baked Lobster Tail with Butter

Difficulty Level:    


 North Atlantic Lobster Tail


Australian Lobster Tail

Salted butter or butter with herbs 


Kitchen shears, cutting gloves 

Basting brush 

Baking Dish

How to prepare your lobster 

  1. Refer to our Seafood Care page for instructions on how to de-shell your lobster.
  2. Place the lobster in a baking dish.
  3. Using a brush, baste the lobster tail with room-temperature unsalted butter.
  4. Add 2 oz. of water and place in a 400 degree oven for approximately 6 to 7 minutes for a 4-5 oz tail.  Adjust your time accordingly to your lobster tail weight, adding approximately one minute for every extra 2 oz. cooking to an internal temperature of 140 degrees.

How to assemble your dish  

  1. Place finished tail on the plate and arrange with your favorite side. 

Try this wine pairings  

 Try with a classic California Chardonnay like Cakebread or Rombauer. Big and rich enough to hang with the lobster and the hints of lemon and butter will accent the dish wonderfully. Go ahead and double down on opulence!


Baked Lobster Tails are also great with Epicurean Seafood Butters.
Light and perfectly balanced, they will add instant flavor to your Lobster meat.
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