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Black Walnut Old Fashioned

The best part of the Old Fashioned cocktail, other than it featuring Whiskey, is the predominance of the bitters. You can completely transform an Old Fashioned by changing the type of bitters you select. In this Old Fashioned recipe, we used Black Walnut Bitters. It adds an intense layer of flavor to the drink and elevates the oak flavor of the Whiskey. A Classic Old Fashioned is perfect with grilled steaks, and this sophisticated drink is ideal for adding to your BBQ menu this Summer Grilling Season. Season. Click here for more cocktail recipes. 

1 ea. Sugar Cube

4 dashes Black Walnut Bitters

2 oz. Whiskey/Bourbon

1 ea. Orange Twist

1 ea. Cherry


 How to make it:   

  1. Add sugar cube and bitters to an old-fashioned glass.
  2. Using a spoon or a muddler, break up the sugar cube and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add Whiskey or Bourbon of your choice and ice.
  4. Stir continuously to mix the ingredients and chill the drink.
  5. Garnish with Orange twist and or cherry.


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